About Me

Hey there and thank you for your interest.

While studying Business Administration at London Metropolitan University (London, UK) and doing a Masters in International Management at ISCTE (Lisbon, PT) most of the time was spent programming, mostly web stuff.

Having a bunch of ideas for web services, I co-founded Reality Connect where we develop in-house and contracted projects. Give us a call if you have work to be done.

It would be painful for everyone if I would just list a bunch of keyword trying to define what a mere mortal can do after several years but, to let you have a sneak peek of it, I can do web, mostly Mean Stack and React. Done most parts of developing web services, at least I cannot remember missing anything but who knows*, I learn about something new every other day.

If you got to this point, why not follow up to linked in or the curriculum vitae? And if you are not tired of it already, have a look at GitHub. You can find some of my work there. Unfortunately I cannot show everything unless you are interested in talking business.

Please reach me out if you found something interesting. Would be glad to have a chat.

_* I know I did miss a buch, give me time to get there and file an issue if you found a bug.